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The group that Wougnet users will be testing on and that will also be used for the training.

Wougnet & Pamoya

Since inception in 2000, WOUGNET has hosted its websites and mailing lists with Kabissa, A network of African civil society organisations. However, effective June 30th 2009, Kabissa is changing. They are streamlining their Internet services to focus on being a trusted Domain Registrar for organizations in the Kabissa network. This means that they will continue to register and help manage domain names (e.g. wougnet.org) for their member organizations, but will no longer offer website and email hosting services.

Therefore, just like other Kabissa members in Uganda and around Africa, WOUGNET had to find an alternative host for our email, website and mailing lists. We have found a new partner and have migrated to the brand new Pamoya website. Pamoya is the first fully Ugandan Social Network, hosted and run inside Uganda. Currently in active beta, but steadily expanding to become the No #1 Ugandan website.

WOUGNET saw this as an opportunity for two major changes. The first change involves hosting the WOUGNET websites in Uganda which should improve the surfing experience for those in Uganda. The second is to enhance the information sharing and networking via WOUGNET mailing lists using web-technology and a web 2.0 approach.

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