This is Pamoya, the first fully Ugandan Social Network. Currently in active beta, but steadily expanding to become the No #1 Ugandan website.

Since inception in 2000, WOUGNET has hosted its websites and mailing lists...
With a lot of hard work there is a lot of progress on the
We have a new website

Pamoya Groups

  • A closed working space for the e-Society Programme - Apac District, Northern Uganda
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  • Group for National Secretaries and Administrative Profesionals
  • Uganda CSO discussions on Peace, Security, Democracy and Development for the Great Lakes Region.
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Pamoya Beta Homepage

Welcome to Pamoya Beta, the new way of sharing ideas in Uganda.

We are currently hosting the WOUGNET mailinglists, and registration for them is open to anyone interested. Just create an account, and join any of the open groups.

We are working very hard on Pamoya and improvements will be rolled out constantly over the coming months. Just bookmark us and check back regularly.